About Me


Hi there! I’m Vicki, a twenty-something gal with a passion for minimalism and intentional living–embracing simplicity and the basics and to live a richer, fuller, more beautiful life. I am wifey to the very handsome Josh and mama to baby Adelaide, and we live in a cozy little 800 square foot condo in the Pacific Northwest.

I first started blogging years ago, when I was still in my teens, on a little blog called Decked Out in Ruffles, which I started to share my meager crafting endeavors and catalog my (then) love for all things ruffly. The blog evolved over the years, until it became a mish-mash of a fashion and lifestyle. I fell in and out of blogging, then I realized my blog had stagnated. I decided I wanted to start over and blog about what I had become truly passionate about: minimalism and intentional living.

I wanted to focus on how you could have a more beautiful life with just the basics, and so Basically Beautiful was born.

My other passions include my husband and daughter, cozy days at home, coffee and tea, a good book, long hikes in the woods, and my faith.