Adelaide’s First Birthday

Today, we are wishing my sweet girl a happy first birthday!

It didn’t really sink in how much Adelaide has grown until I started looking through all my old photos from the past year and saw how tiny she was, even just six months ago! The cuteness almost makes me want another … Almost. Ha.

She has grown into such a sweet, silly thing with a personality all her own. I love watching her play and explore and listening to her babble to herself. She’s so excited about everything, and it’s just about the cutest thing. At this point, I feel like there’s something new every day with her, some small new accomplishment. (And, yeah, I’ve definitely become one of those moms who can only talk about their kids … I need to work on finding new hobbies.)

Adelaide has eight teeth, has surpassed the 20 pound mark, and took her first steps the weekend of Mother’s Day. She loves to chatter on in her own language, made up mostly of shrieks, but her current English vocabulary consists of Mama, Dada, baba, num-num, shoe, auntie, hello, hey, and baby. She says ‘so big’ for everything, and has finally learned to clap.

As far as weaning goes, she loves food, especially chocolate (which is entirely my fault) and crackers, and has a big appetite. I realized that we’ve reached the point where just one (or even two) jar of baby food isn’t enough, and I’ve started experimenting with either making her food or feeding her whatever Josh and I are eating for our meals. Currently, she eats three to four meals a day, and is down to two or three bottles–one when she wakes up, one in the middle of the day between lunch and dinner, and typically one before bed. And now that she’s hit 12 months, we can finally start getting her off formula, which I’m SO excited for!

Typically, she sleeps through the night, and goes down with little to no fuss, then wakes up around 9 am. I have to say, even though she’s always been a good sleeper, I’m so happy to have finally reached this point!

As far as her likes and dislikes … She loves her stuffed animals and is very into books right now. Her current favorite TV show is Fixer Upper … Mostly because that’s what’s on the screen when she’s up. She still loves car rides, but has decided she doesn’t like the stroller or the shopping cart, which is slightly unfortunate. She’s pretty independent, and doesn’t like being in situations where she has to be contained and isn’t allowed to be down, like church … or the store, or on walks. And she’s not a fan of the word, “no,” especially when Dada says it! If I tell her no, she thinks it’s funny…we’re working on it!

Adelaide has grown so much this year, and even though parts of it dragged on, I’m surprised at how quickly those 12 months went by! I’m excited to see her grow and change even more in the coming months and years.

(Happy Friday, friends! I know this space has been quiet for a while, but I’m hoping to get that work/mom/blog balance down at some point, and hopefully be posting a little more frequently. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!)

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