Hello, November

Good morning, everyone! Happy November! I have been counting down the days till November because Thanksgiving is in November, and once Thanksgiving hits, it’s acceptable to bring out the Christmas decorations in full force! This Christmas is especially exciting to me because it’s Josh and my first Christmas as a married couple (in our own home, too! yay!), as well as Adelaide’s first Christmas! Josh is most excited for the holidays because he wants to share the joys of mashed potatoes with the baby, and I’m most excited to start our own holiday traditions. And of course, I can’t wait to decorate. 🙂photo-oct-27-8-43-55-pmphoto-oct-27-8-36-03-pmThis outfit is kind of the epitome of what I wear on a typical day. It’s comfy and casual, but it also has a classic, stylish vibe that makes it more than just a boring “mom” outfit. And I’ll be completely honest, there are days when I don’t get dressed before noon, if at all. Most mornings, I’m grudgingly rolling myself out of bed because I have a wide-awake baby that wants to get up and play, and I’ll throw on one of my husband’s sweatshirts over my PJs. That’s why when I do take the time to get dressed, I want an outfit that I feel good in. I do like to put on a good outfit every day, because something about it makes me feel more successful and motivated to get things done. It’s the same with makeup. If I have a lot to get done and am having trouble getting motivated, I swipe on some lipstick and get to work. photo-oct-27-8-47-25-pmThe other thing I do to make my day get off to a successful start? I make the bed and tidy our bedroom. I realized when we first had Adelaide and she was colicky and refused to nap, so that I was having trouble getting anything done, if I could just make our bed, I felt infinitely better about myself. The dishes could wait, so could the pile of laundry that needed folded, but so long as the bed was made, I felt like I had gotten something done. I’ve kept it up for the past few months, and I really appreciate it, and I know my husband does, too. photo-oct-27-8-48-41-pmphoto-oct-27-8-34-14-pm

Outfit Details:

01. Sweater – Merona by Target (old)

02. Chambray top – Who, What, Wear by Target (no longer available)

03. Jeans – Forever21

04. Shoes – Charlotte Russe (old)


What do you do to help keep yourself feeling motivated and productive?

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  1. Just loving your posts so far Vicki! It must be so exciting to think about starting your own traditions with your family! I’m so excited for the holidays– I can’t wait to get to see all of my family members since we’re so scattered these days. I think your outfit is just perfect! Casual, but so put together and classic. Love it!

  2. I completely agree – just getting dressed and doing something makes the whole day feel more successful! I think I need to make “make the bed each day” a priority. The whole room feels more restful when it is made. Enjoying your new blog!

  3. So comfy and cute! You are an absolutely adorable mom 🙂 I hope you have a magical holiday season with your little family! I couldn’t be more excited that it’s November either…however, I’ll probably be bringing out the Christmas decorations well before Thanksgiving haha! So happy to have come across your blog – you are lovely.

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