Our Modern Reading Nook – Mini Living Room Tour

One of the things I was most excited about moving into this condo was being able to decorate it and make the space our own. I’ve been obsessed with home decor since slightly before Josh and I got married and I was trying to find solutions to help make the hideous yellow basement we were going to be living in for the foreseeable future a little less hideous and more warm and functional. Of course, the basement situation didn’t work out well at all, and once we started thinking about bringing a baby into the space, we had to think about getting our own place sooner than we’d intended. Anyway. We found our little condo and fell in love. And since we’ve moved in, I’ve been obsessed with making it into the perfect space for the least amount of money, which means lots of thrift shopping, IKEA shopping, and DIYs.

This little corner of our living room is a current favorite space. Since we moved in, I’d struggled with what to do with the blank wall of negative space between our TV and the couch (decorating around baseboards can be tough!). I hung some pictures, but I hung them too high and in an awkward grouping that I was less than fond of. The space needed something to fill it, but I wanted it to be non-bulky and minimal. I decided we needed a chair, and I wanted a black and white theme for the pictures. I priced out some chairs that I liked on IKEA’s site (as a side note, my best recommendation before going to IKEA is to figure out a list using their site, otherwise you’ll likely end up overspending and you probably won’t come home with exactly what you wanted. And their site has a list-making tool that also checks availability and calculates price.), but then before we went to IKEA, we wound up going to Goodwill, where we found a vintage barrel chair for $10, and we snapped it up.

I sewed a little pillow to modernize the chair and tie in the black and white, then pulled over a lamp that I’d never been able to find the perfect place for.

I then began work on my little gallery wall. I was sent this beautiful New Orleans map print from Modern Map Art to review, and I knew I wanted that to be the focus of the mini gallery. I had the typographical quote print already (from here), I cut the arrow print out of a book of typography that I found, and the architectural print is a photo I took at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. I framed them all in plain, black frames to kind of tie them together (mostly from IKEA). And this time, to make sure they were all hung at a good height, I had my husband hold them up for me.

I am so happy with how this little space came together. I think it really ties the whole living room together, and also creates a nice little reading/working nook. I’m also in love with this New Orleans map. It’s modern and graphic and cool, but it’s also really meaningful to Josh and me, since we honeymooned in New Orleans and absolutely fell in love with the city. Every time I look at the map, it makes me think of our honeymoon, and how badly I want to back and cram my face full of beignets. I think these prints are a fun conversation piece as well…and Josh and I will honestly take any excuse to talk about how much we love New Orleans. Definitely check out Modern Map Art if you’re looking for something like this!

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