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I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful week! Over here, we’ve had our hands full with a baby that’s embracing the independence of crawling, by getting into everything that she shouldn’t. She’s fascinated by cords, which apparently look like the ultimate teether and the baseboard heaters, and delights herself by pulling everything off the bottom shelf of our tea/coffee cart. I think crawling is something that I haven’t been prepared for simply because I didn’t think that we had much that she could really get into and hurt herself. Of course, it’s become apparent that I need to be more careful with what I place in her reach, and a major bit of house cleaning and reorganizing has been underway this week. I’ve also been playpen shopping, because even though I thought we could do without one, I’ve realized how much easier our lives would be if we didn’t have to constantly be watching her. Do any of you mamas out there have any great tips for caring for crawlers?


I almost didn’t share this outfit because, well, I felt like the pictures really showed that I haven’t quite bounced back from my postpartum hair loss (which seriously, how awkward is that?), which is something I’ve been quite self-conscious about for the past few months. But I really loved the lighting for these photos, and since I do want to be authentic on here, I decided to go ahead and share them, though I was admittedly pretty choosy about which photos I decided to share.

Let’s talk about the elements of this outfit.

All of these pieces are absolutely wardrobe staples for me, and I really like the way they all come together so easily to create a classic looking outfit.

01. Striped Top

Definitely a staple for every closet. Stripes are flattering on every shape, and this simple, striped v-neck from Target is soft, an ideal length, and it goes with everything. I picked this one up a couple of years ago, and it’s still going strong.

02. Suede Skirt

There’s something about suede that just makes me feel cool wearing it. This skirt is a very classic shape, but the suede gives it edge and makes it interesting. For colder weather it’s great because it’s so heavy, and on windy days, it will stay put. I typically reserve it for church, or when I want to dress up a bit, simply because it’s not the most practical skirt for housework. But it’s definitely a favorite.

03. Boots

These boots. Still perfection. They go with everything, they’re comfortable and practical, and they’re such a classic silhouette. I definitely recommend having a boot in this style in your closet.

04. Bag

This bag has been the only one I’ve used since I’ve gotten it (aside from the diaper bag, of course). It’s a good size, and I love how many little compartments it has. I also love the classic satchel shape, which is perfect for matching to just about any outfit.

05. Army Green Anorak

And I can’t forget my army green anorak. I absolutely love the silhouette of this, the deep pockets, and the hood. I’ve reached for this every time it’s been warm enough for a lighter-weight coat.


What are some of your favorite closet staples?

//Outfit Details:// Top: Target / Skirt: Merona for Target (thrifted) / Leggings: Forever 21 / Boots: American Eagle / Bag: Thrifted//


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